Frux Home and Yard, a vendor of products for the home and yard, is excited to announce that their Charcuterie Board Set product has received a new 5 star rated Amazon review, with the title “Big hit!” The product, which is available with One-Day shipping through Amazon Prime, features a natural bamboo cheese board, as well as a full set of utensils, labels, bowls, and a complete set up guide.

The utensils, including 6 appetizer forks, four cheese knives, and 6 luxury slate labels can all be stored conveniently in the two hidden serving drawers built into the charcuterie board. The two ceramic sauce bowls fit perfectly into multiple spots on the board, allowing for a variety of different serving arrangements to fit many needs, whether the crowd is big or small. The Frux Home and Yard product has received many strong reviews on Amazon, having earned an average of 4.8 out of five stars out of more than a thousand reviews. The new five star review titled “Big hit!” was left by an Amazon customer and reads, “Gave this item as a housewarming gift to my cousins! They loved the look of it and feel of it, as well as the functionality. We used it that very evening for cheese and crackers during happy hour.”

As mentioned by this reviewer, the bamboo cheese board makes an excellent housewarming gift, and could also be a great gift for many other occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. The extra large cheese platter can fit all kinds of fine cheeses and cured meats, and features a surrounding well around the edges of the board that can help store artisan bread, fruits, nuts and crackers, as well as being a perfect spot to place the ceramic sauce bowls. Laiden with fine meats and cheeses, the charcuterie board will look stunning on any surface, and offer a brilliant conversation piece for guests as well as being a useful serving dish.

The cheese board guide, which offers detailed instructions about how to set up and use the cheese board, also offers a great deal of fun wine, cured meat and cheese pairing ideas that anyone can enjoy for their next party or gathering. As an added bonus, the bamboo used to produce the cheese board is sustainably grown, so the cheese board is good for the environment as well. The nonporous, BPA free surface of the platter makes it a great option for serving cheeses and cured meats, as it won’t stain or absorb any odors. The stylish bamboo board and complete set of stainless steel cheese knives with bamboo handles area sure to impress any guest or gift recipient. This makes the charcuterie board set on a great choice for any occasion. The guide that comes with the board even explains the purpose - and the specific type of cheese - each style of cheese knife is best suited for.

Frux Home and Yard sells a number of products for the home and yard on Amazon. As a company, they are committed to selling affordable, high quality home and yard products for all customers, starting with their collection of essential kitchen goods. Their charcuterie board set, with its natural bamboo construction, food safe surface, and artfully hidden utensil set, is an excellent example of this mission and the commitment the company has to it. The Amazon listings for their products also suggest that Frux Home and Yard may be announcing a new product sometime in the near future. Readers interested in learning more about their products can contact Frux Home and Yard or visit their Amazon store page for more information.

With such a beautiful surface on which to display all kinds of snacks, sushi, cured meats and cheeses, anyone can wow their guests with a creative selection of foods arranged in an attractive display. With a few cheese pairing tips sourced from the internet, any party with this cheese board is sure to bring lasting happy memories.


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