Windsor, CO based Northco Fire is recommending that homeowners get their fireplaces serviced today to beat the seasonal rush. The company services all types of fireplaces, and their team can visit a client promptly once a call is made.

“As the colder part of the year approaches,” Northco Fire explains, “more people are reminded by the falling temperatures that they need to check their fireplace to make sure it will work as expected. Since everyone feels the cold at the same time, they all receive this ‘reminder’ during the same period as well, and that typically means they have to compete with other clients for our time. Since it can be hard to schedule a visit that works for you, it might take you a long while to get that essential service done. This is why we advise our clients to have their fireplace serviced now — before everyone else starts looking us up.”

Northco Fire

Northco Fire has worked with countless homeowners and other parties since the company’s services were first made available in 2012. As such, the team has witnessed delays caused by the seasonal rush on many occasions, and they understand how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning fireplace during the time it would be at its most useful. Fortunately, this frustration and discomfort can easily be avoided by scheduling a maintenance visit today.

The company points out that other responsibilities may also make it more difficult for clients to schedule a convenient time for the Northco Fire team to visit. The seasonal rush tends to coincide with a large number of familial and festive obligations, making it much more of a hassle to find time for the fireplace to be fixed. Most people will understandably want to prioritize their families as well, and this can be another reason that much-needed maintenance can find itself pushed deeper into the cold season.

Some may wonder whether it is a mistake to have a fireplace checked out so early since winter is still several months away. Northco Fire assures the community that this is fortunately not the case. They explain that the benefits of a full servicing are likely to last for an extended period, and this is why fireplace owners are often advised to have a full inspection and maintenance performed on an annual basis.

In some cases, more service visits may be required, but the team can advise a client on site if this happens to be the case. Most will find that an annual service — scheduled during the summer months — will be both adequate and convenient for their needs. Northco Fire is quick to add that inspections and maintenance should always be left up to a professional. Gas lines, for instance, can be hazardous if improperly handled, so homeowners should contact the company for any maintenance requirements.

Inspections, by their nature, are designed to be comprehensive, ideally uncovering potential issues well before they pose any risk to the fireplace itself or its users. Over the course of a typical inspection, Northco Fire says they may examine each aspect of a fireplace individually, including its exterior and interior. Signs of damage to the structural components may be found here, the company says, which in turn could lead them to more critical problems nesting within. Some problems may be less technical but have no less of an impact as well, such as the presence of dust or even bugs, spiders and so on.

It is also necessary to ensure that a working fireplace is not introducing harmful gasses into the home. To this end, the team will inspect the damper (if the fireplace has one) and the flue. Both have to be working properly for a fireplace to be deemed safe.

Northco Fire offers the community a top-rated service, as many of their clients are all too happy to attest to. Anyone who would like to work with this professional, client-focused team to ensure their fireplace is in full working condition can call the Northco Fire office today to schedule a visit.


For more information about Northco Fire, contact the company here:

Northco Fire
Brian Kelly
1200 Creekwood Ct
Windsor, CO 80550


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