Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, is offering a range of therapeutic massages and spa treatments to Omaha, NE, residents. The founder of the healing services provider, Tara Zinn, is urging those looking for the best massage treatments in Downtown Omaha to find out more about its services and what makes the spa’s team uniquely suited to treat their health and wellness problems.

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, formerly known as Downtown Omaha Massage until May 2022, was founded by Tara Zinn, LMT, NCTMB, in 2006. She started her journey by offering healing massages from a single treatment room at the Omaha Healing Arts Center. The location in Downtown Omaha allowed her to connect with clients from the city and nearby areas who were seeking therapeutic healing for their ailments. After running a solo operation for some time, she brought on Julia Beutler, LMT, as a student and massage therapist.

With consistently great reviews for its services and a growing clientele, Tara soon expanded her enterprise to multiple treatment rooms, and Julia was promoted to spa manager. In May 2022, Tara and her team struck out on their own, rebranded as Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, and opened a new spacious location at 661 N 50th St Omaha, NE 68132. The roster of licensed massage therapists grew with time and, today, Omaha Massage and Healing Arts offers a wide range of treatments and modalities from high-skilled healers.

Tara Zinn, the Owner, and Founder, of Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, has an innate passion for massage and wellness that extends beyond her massage practice. Tara is also a Reiki Master and Coach that focuses on creating a clearer understanding of self by working on communication, goal setting, and accountability, digging deep, and taking action as well as creating a mindful and present lifestyle. Tara has traveled the world with Sparitual as an Ambassador and is currently working in Southern California to further her knowledge and growth as an educator, coach, and bodyworker.

Julia Beutler, the spa manager, graduated from the Omaha School of Massage Therapy in 2009. Since then, she has furthered her education with a variety of continuing education courses that dive deep into the complexity of mind, body, and spirit. She has also participated in two in-depth herbal medicine programs and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification that helped to give her a more holistic approach to her practice and lifestyle.

Tara Zinn talks about how the services can benefit those looking for therapeutic healing in Omaha by saying, “Our clients come from all walks of life. Whether you stress over a desk at an office job or your body takes a beating in the grueling Nebraska weather for most of the day, we will help you rejuvenate and get the help you need to focus on the things that really matter in life. Set aside some time for yourself and visit us. During the massage from our expert healers, you will feel all the tension accumulated in your body drain away. Along with me and Julia, Cat, Kahleigh, Loy, Michelle, Kara, Rachel, Sophie, Casey, and Evelyn will ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way. We also welcome many athletes to our spa who like to unwind and heal after an important game or after a long and arduous practice session. Our clients also include accident victims who use massage therapy as an additional modality to complement their other rehabilitation treatments. We also serve many older patients who come to us for treatments that let them experience suppleness and an increased range of motion reminiscent of their youth.“

To learn more about Omaha Massage and Healing Arts be sure to see this recent press release:

Readers can follow updates from the Omaha massage services provider by heading over to its Facebook page at Interested clients can contact the massage center at (402) 212-4520 by calling or texting to book an appointment or to make inquiries. The massage center only accepts clients by appointment and does not accommodate walk-ins.


For more information about Omaha Massage and Healing Arts, contact the company here:

Omaha Massage and Healing Arts
Tara Zinn
(402) 212-4520
661 N 50th St Omaha, NE 68132


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