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Scottsdale, AZ based Pathfinders Recovery Center, a behavioral health center for Male clients, is ready to conclusively answer the question: Can You Force Someone Into Rehab? The loved ones of an individual suffering from any type of addiction are likely to experience a great deal of pushback when trying to convince them that they need help, and in extreme cases, they may wonder whether it is possible to get their loved one into rehab against their will, both practically and legally. The Center states it is indeed possible, but it is also crucial that the proper steps be taken in order to remain within the bounds of the law as well as ensure the safety of all involved.

From their facility in Scottsdale, the clinical team at Pathfinders Recovery Center would like to announce the effectiveness and suitability of their treatment center for court-ordered treatment for men in Arizona. Not only does their all-male addiction treatment environment allow for focus on recovery and healing, the relationship with AZ courts they have developed also lets clients obtain sanctioned, court-approved addiction treatment. The results of countless clients in getting out of legal trouble and into lasting recovery speak for themselves and make Pathfinders an obvious choice for recovery in Arizona.

Can you force someone into rehab, as shown by Pathfinders Recovery Centers in Scottsdale Arizona

Pathfinders Recovery Center also encourages their community to learn more about the proliferation of drugs and substances in their community. This will make it easier for them to identify when a loved one needs help (court-mandated or otherwise). This information may include the differences between crack and cocaine, how long a heroin high can last, and more.

While it is preferable for the person in question to seek rehab voluntarily, as this means they are more likely to follow the steps needed for their own recovery, this is not always the case. In certain situations, the Center explains that the court (or other legal representatives) can be involved, at which point they will determine whether compelling someone into rehab would be in their best interests. This varies between state to state; some states hold the position that it is illegal to send anyone to rehab without their consent.

In Arizona, a person suffering from addiction can be sent to Drug Court if their situation falls under certain criteria. Drug Court can be considered if they have drug-related felonies (which are eligible for probation within the previous two years), a score of medium-high or high risk on the OST/FROST scale, and so on. They must also reside within the supervision area of the Drug Court. If they meet these requirements, the state can mandate treatment, and anyone committed in this manner must complete treatment before they can be discharged.

Unfortunately, there is little research to indicate just how successful court-mandated rehab is. For this reason and others, Pathfinders Recovery Center says the question is less about whether a person can be forced to go to rehab than whether they should be at all. The answer to this will depend on each situation. Notably, estimates do show that court-mandated rehab works. While the data may not be as conclusive as some would prefer, it is certainly an option worth considering in the right circumstances — and the best of these options will most likely be found at Pathfinders Recovery Center.

The Center also takes steps to educate its community about the extent of the addiction crisis via its blog posts and other outreach programs. A recent post, titled How Long Does A Heroin High Last, is an excellent example of one such step. In this article, the Center shares that, “Heroin is one of the most dangerous opiates on the market today. Usually found as a powder, many individuals use it as a recreational drug. In the past, opiates like heroin used to be used as painkillers. However, doctors realized that these substances have undesirable side effects like addiction with time. Heroin is a fantastic painkiller. It inhibits signals from reaching the brain, dulling the feeling of pain that may occur within the body.”

Much more information is provided in the full post, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on the subject can access it (and many others) for free via the official Pathfinders Recovery Center blog space on their website. The website offers many details regarding their services as well, and interested parties are welcome to contact their Admissions team by phone for immediate assistance, any time of day or night.


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