Phillip ACT based Acacia Dental Group is taking steps to educate their community about the role that white dental fillings play in modern dentistry. According to the clinic, dental fillings are a common treatment among their patients, and they have long proved highly popular for a number of reasons, especially when compared to their older counterpart, the metal amalgam filling. Learn more here: Dental Fillings Woden.

The clinic explains that white fillings are a tooth restoration used to fill cavities, which are small holes in the teeth caused by dental decay. These fillings are made from a material called composite resin, and the clinic says patients vastly prefer this treatment because a dentist can blend it in perfectly with the colour of a patient’s natural teeth. Further, it only requires a single session or visit to accomplish this, and patients always report that no one among their friends or family is even able to distinguish the filling from the rest of the tooth. Given how vital a healthy, bright and even smile can be to a person’s self-confidence, white dental fillings are an important tool in a dentist’s repertoire.

White dental fillings

Fillings also play a very functional role, however. As the clinic says in an article on the subject (which can be found on their website), “Most of us will encounter dental fillings at some point during our lives. By repairing cavities and decay in our teeth, they put a stop to further tooth problems developing. What’s more, they are a relatively quick procedure. When you come in for a white tooth filling, the decayed part of your tooth will be removed, and the white filling will be placed on the same day.” In addition to fillings, there are a number of treatments that can be used to treat a cavity, including fluoride treatments, crowns and so on.

The objective of such treatments is to protect the remaining healthy tissue and preserve the patient’s smile. In serious cases, however, a patient may need a root canal or tooth extraction as part of their treatment. As such, it is encouraged that they see a dentist as soon as they notice an issue with their teeth (such as jaw pain and so on).

Acacia Dental Group explains that their dentists previously used an alternative known as silver amalgam fillings, which were once commonly used in dental practices across the country as well. In fact, they were in use for about 150 years. Amalgam fillings, as the name suggests, contain a mixture of mercury and at least one other metal (such as silver, tin and copper). They did have certain advantages, such as being affordable, durable, strong and even showing bacteriostatic effects. However, some doctors came to have concerns regarding the safety of amalgam fillings, and white fillings have their own advantages that the practice believes are more beneficial to patients today, especially since they are more aesthetically pleasing.

For instance, some cases require a conservative approach. This means, in situations where a patient may otherwise need to have some healthy tooth tissue removed to make room for an amalgam filling, composite resin requires no such preparation. Only the decayed portion is removed, and the composite resin will be used to fill in the gap. This also helps produce a more natural result, as many of the clinic’s patients will attest.

L. Kwong’s review says, "I cannot fault this dentistry practice. Professional, friendly, excellent workmanship and suitable for the needs of the whole family. They always run on schedule and are reasonably priced. Parking available close to the door including disabled parking.”

Similarly, Y. Kang says, “Last Sunday my tooth was in a lot of pain, and my dentist's office, Acacia Dental Group, was closed on the weekend, so I went to see an emergency dentist for some medications to relieve the pain. The next day I went back to Acacia, the friendly receptionist was able to fit me in on the same day, and the dentist was professional, caring and patiently explained things in detail to me. I am happy with the service provided and would like to recommend Acacia Dental Group to anyone who needs to see a dentist.”

Acacia Dental Group exclusively uses composite resin for all their fillings today, giving patients the highest possible chance of a fully satisfactory outcome. The practice is committed to preserving both their health and their smiles, and they encourage all interested parties to schedule an appointment at once if they need professional attention for their teeth.


For more information about Acacia Dental Group, contact the company here:

Acacia Dental Group
Sirisha Yalamanchili
(02) 6281 2222
Suite 14, Level 2, Gadal Chambers, 48 Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606


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