Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, a renovation company based in Harwood Heights, IL, recently took the time to fully discuss their basement remodeling services and just how those services can add value to any home. In many areas of the country, having a basement is a must as some locations are more prone to natural disasters such as tornados. In most areas, having a fully finished basement adds a number of additional benefits.

Vince, a member of the remodeling team and spokesperson for the company says, “A basement not only gives the homeowner a place to go in the event of a tornado, but it also adds living space to the home. Having a finished basement can add several additional rooms, depending on the size of the basement in question.”

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

The company states that many homeowners have opted to have their otherwise “unlivable” basement areas turned in to fully functional living spaces in order to add more room to their home and ultimately, to add more value. IN fact, having a finished basement can give homeowners a 70% return on their investment, according to a popular real estate publication. And for Basement Remodeling Park Ridge, homeowners have been turning to the local company in droves.

“We have seen quite the influx of basement remodeling requests over the past few months,” says the company spokesperson. “It is likely that many have seen the benefits that having a fully finished basement can bring and want in on that little piece of the pie.” Each square foot of finished basement space adds value to a home, which is important to keep in mind if the homeowner does plan to sell the home anytime in the future. Homes without basements or with unfinished basements are simply worth less on the market because having that basement adds valuable living space. In most cases, the company states that two or more bedrooms can be added to a basement, depending on the space available. Given the rise in people who work from home, adding a home office in the basement is also a possibility, which not only frees up space in the above living area but the basement adds a bit of noise protection that many employers look for when allowing employees to work from home.

The company states that even those with currently finished basements may also benefit from having those living spaces remodeled, particularly those homeowners who are looking to sell their homes in the next few months. Given that the housing market is still a seller’s paradise, many real estate professionals are urging homeowners with basement areas to make the most of those living spaces before putting their homes on the market. Remodeling the basement could be as simple as sectioning off rooms or adding carpet to completely renovating the space and turning it in to a whole different living area than what is upstairs. Remodeling the basement also ensures that the spaces make the best impact or first impression, and give potential buyers yet another reason to consider this particular home. Growing families are definitely taking advantage of having additional living space in their basements and in some cases, those areas could be rented out. Remodeling the basement area into an apartment type living space gives the homeowner who does not need the extra living space the opportunity to make money by renting out that space.

Premiere has many years of experience in helping homeowners to get the specific living spaces that they want and the company spokesperson states that they are happy to consult with homeowners and put together a plan to turn those basement areas into a space that will definitely give them a good return on their investment. “Just visit our website to get directions to our office,” he says.

Those who may be interested in learning more about the value of basement remodeling or other specific services offered by the company can visit them online, call - (847) 584-1420 or send an email directly to the team at


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