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Sun City, Arizona based Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, in a series of newly published articles on trauma, has shed light on the resources that are available to people struggling to overcome past events. Abandonment, as a source of trauma, has been studied deeply in the past, and it can offer a great deal of insight into adult behaviors. One of the center’s new articles on trauma and abandonment serves as a detailed guide through which the Emerald Isle team advises people on how to deal with the specter of trauma, which has a tendency to interrupt daily life. The article aims to help adults looking for abandonment trauma rehab centers.

“Abandonment trauma is a common issue that can stem from traumatic events, adverse childhood events, and more,” says the Emerald Isle article. “When someone threatens to leave or seems like they might, this can intensify abandonment fears. Maintaining healthy relationships becomes increasingly challenging the longer that this abandonment syndrome is left to its own devices. The good news is that abandonment issues are quite common and can be treated with a comprehensive treatment plan through centers like Emerald Isle Health & Recovery. We can help you work through the cause of your abandonment trauma with robust plans and our team of experienced mental health professionals.”

There are a number of signs associated with abandonment trauma, and the most common of these signs are difficulty maintaining close relationships. Mental health professionals can help patients identify patterns that are indicative of poor relationships and help them form new, healthier relationships. Often, people struggling with abandonment trauma move between relationships very quickly, hoping to leave before the other person does. They also may require constant reassurance, otherwise, they begin to fear that they will soon be abandoned. People with abandonment issues may also decide to remain in unhealthy relationships because they are afraid to lose someone. They will accept relationships that do not meet their mental and physical needs in order to avoid losing people. However, every individual is different, so different people display different signs of trauma.

It is widely believed that abandonment trauma is rooted in childhood events, but this may not always be the case as people may encounter abandonment issues at any age. If they encounter a traumatic event, such as an abusive relationship, divorce, and so on, it may cause a grown adult to begin experiencing issues normally associated with traumatic childhood events.

Mental health professionals can do a lot to provide help in understanding the nature of traumatization. The article says, “As you may have already guessed, abandonment trauma can benefit from the assistance of a licensed mental health professional like those found at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery. While it can be an intense experience, therapy is one of the best treatment options for people who have had this experience. It will require you to do a lot of heavy lifting and deep digging into your psyche, but it can have a profound effect on your mental health. Therapy will start by taking a hard and objective look at your past. With your clinician, you will work through your physical or emotional abandonment, as well as how that plays out and impacts your current life. Digging up the past is often a painful experience for people, but it is necessary to move forward.”

A qualified therapist, once they have an idea of the cause of a person’s abandonment issues, can come up with a plan to tackle the issue. Emerald Isle therapists can help people implement coping mechanisms that helps them deal with fear and discomfort in a healthy way. It is, however, also important for each individual to look within and figure out their issues for themselves. As Emerald Isle’s article says, “In addition to an intense therapeutic intervention, you may also need to think more deeply about your self-care. Knowing how to care for yourself is important so that you can better tolerate periods of intense discomfort or intense abandonment fears. You might feel the effects of psychological and physical trauma in the form of separation anxiety from loved ones, but you can combat this by focusing your attention inward.”

Learning about the trauma processing and recovery process is the first step in the journey toward improved mental health. Read Emerald Isle’s article for more information.


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