ReVIDA Recovery® Knoxville, a substance use disorder clinic based in Knoxville, TN, has recently released a guide on tapering off buprenorphine (Suboxone®). This medication is used to help relieve withdrawal symptoms from opioid drugs while also decreasing cravings for opioids. This particular drug is a partial opioid agonist that binds to opioid receptors but activates them less strongly than opioids such as heroin or hydrocodone. Tapering off buprenorphine (Suboxone®) is essential because it is also an opioid, although weaker, and may also cause addiction.

Buprenorphine, the opioid ingredient of buprenorphine (Suboxone®), may cause moderate withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, muscle pains, hot and cold flashes, fatigue, physical and mental cravings, sweating, insomnia, and negative mood changes.

Managing these withdrawal symptoms is important while tapering off Suboxone. This may require exercising regularly, keeping a healthy diet, taking regular warm baths or hot showers, staying hydrated, listening to music, keeping a journal, and going for mindful walks outside. It is also a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider to see what over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies may be useful in coping with withdrawal.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, signs of opioid dependency include loss of control and craving. A variety of triggers can lead to dependency, including genetics, usage amount, other medical conditions, and the environment in which the opioids are used.

There are a number of typical signs of opioid addiction. These include weight loss; changes in sleep habits; drowsiness; uncontrollable cravings; frequent flu-like symptoms; uncleanliness or lack of hygiene; reduced libido or sex drive; isolation or spending time away from friends or family; changes in exercise habits; new financial difficulties; and stealing from friends, family, or businesses.

Fortunately, with opioid use disorder treatment, people may be able to change their unhealthy thinking patterns into more helpful and healthy thinking patterns. Treatment also helps the individual address certain life issues, such as difficult situations at home or work, feelings of low self-worth, or spending time with people using unwanted substances.

ReVIDA Recovery® is filling in the gaps with regard to opioid addiction treatment in Tennessee by serving as a buprenorphine (Suboxone®) treatment provider. They are currently helping people struggling with an addiction to drugs, such as heroin, hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone, Percocet, Lortab, OxyContin, fentanyl, and Roxicodone.

Their medication assisted treatment (MAT) program is supervised by their professional team of physicians, certified counselors, care coordinators, licensed therapists, and peer recovery specialists.

Counseling is important because it can help the individual identify and process through triggering events and trauma that may have resulted in their opioid dependency. It will take time to work through the challenging behaviors, difficult emotions, and unhealthy thought patterns that may have contributed to the opioid addiction. In counseling, a person may be able to develop healthy coping strategies to avoid future relapse and finally enjoy life in recovery.

ReVIDA Recovery® Knoxville was established to promote safe and healthy communities by empowering people to reclaim their lives from opioid use disorder. They are developing a premier outpatient recovery center network that provides clinical excellence and industry-leading outcomes. Their clinical expertise, based on proven data and science, drives their evidence-based methods. They are proud of their work and will publicly challenge the stigmas that their patients face. ReVIDA Recovery® Knoxville is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare company that includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Those interested in learning more about the services provided by ReVIDA Recovery® Knoxville can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


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