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Dylan Gemelli, the expert voice behind the PE Fitness YouTube channel, is offering his viewers the best information about SARMs, performance enhancement compounds, diet, training, and everything and anything health and fitness related.

In his videos, Dylan stresses the importance of health, and longevity and teaches everyone that not only is fitness a marathon and not a sprint, but also the importance of getting the information they NEED to hear and not just what they want to hear. Readers interested in supplementing their fitness with SARMs and similar compounds, who also care deeply about these aspects, should consider subscribing to his channel.

Dylan Gemelli is a world-renowned NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Expert, Weight Loss Expert, and Group Fitness Instructor. The PE Fitness YouTube channel, which covers SARMs and a plethora of related topics such as anabolic steroids, SARMs cycles, diet and nutrition, health and longevity, peptides, supplements, training, bodybuilding, and more, is one of the highest volume channels of its kind in the health and fitness world.

Dylan Gemelli began his YouTube journey in late 2012, discussing performance-enhancing drugs as well as his focus on general health, fitness, and diet on his previous channel Elite Fitness. Soon, the wealth of information he offered his viewers and his consistent upload schedule paid off as he amassed over 200,000 subscribers by 2018. His content particularly resonated with his audience because of his penchant for telling them the whole truth about using SARMs and other performance-enhancing compounds that many influencers in the industry are not willing to share.

His honest attitude towards SARMs and anabolic steroids, which still get a bad rap in the fitness industry to some extent, kept his audience coming back and interested in his advice and point of view. While spending his time educating people on performance-enhancing drugs, he also often spoke out against the reckless use of SARMs and similar fitness supplements. To reach out to his viewers who were set on using them, Dylan taught them the more conservative ways to incorporate SARMs into their fitness regimen. This inclusive approach ensured that his viewers stayed as safe as possible.

In 2019, Dylan launched a new channel named "PE Fitness", which stands for "Performance Enhancement Fitness,” to continue his mission of educating enthusiasts about the proper way to reap the benefits offered by SARMs. The channel has garnered over 700,000 views since Dylan began uploading content in 2019. He also makes appearances on podcasts and contributes as a writer to popular bodybuilding and steroids websites such as Readers can follow the Dylan Gemelli Facebook page to stay updated with all his content from across the web.

The PE Fitness channel has tons of videos discussing how to use and dose popular SARMs such as GW501516 (Cardarine), NPP, MK 677, Equipoise, YK11, MK2866 (Ostarine, Ostabolic), Turinabol, Trenbolone, RAD-140 Testolone, S23, Proviron, HGH Fragment 176-191, RAD140, and more. He also makes video guides answering his audience’s specific questions such as the best SARMs for fat burning, SARMs stacks, the best steroids for cutting, the best steroids for bulking, the best SARMs for strength, the best SARMs for endurance, the best steroids for muscle hardening, top-rated SARMs manufacturers, and more.

When asked about his vision for PE Fitness, Dylan Gemelli says, “PE Fitness aims to be the ultimate YouTube channel for everything related to performance enhancement. There is a lot of bad information out there being peddled by unscrupulous bloggers and unverified social media accounts that offer half-baked advice just to sell affiliate products. Unless you approach the study of SARMs systematically, not only will you not get any results but you may also end up damaging your body due to improper use. I realized that there was a need for a well-informed and knowledgeable voice in the industry, such as myself, who also has a high level of integrity. Subscribe to PE Fitness today to get the best performance enhancement, health, and fitness advice on the internet and to stay updated with the industry.”

Readers can also follow the Dylan Gemelli Twitter page where he posts daily inspirational quotes to spur his followers to change their lives.


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