Riverside, California – As many parts of the world are experiencing winter, the Riverside Tree Service research team earlier today decided to share tips on how to take care of trees in winter. According to the team, how trees are taken care of in the winter determines their health status in spring.

“Tree's condition in spring is directly dependent on how its winter was,” said James, Riverside Tree Service research team leader. “There are trees that require maximum protection from the harsh conditions common in winter. Failure to do so, the trees will be stressed and the situation will become even tougher in spring. On the other hand, taking good care of trees in winter saves a homeowner from doing too much in spring as the trees will be healthy and appealing.”

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The team then went ahead and shared the tips for improving trees in winter.

“The first tip is something that the trees should be subjected to throughout the year,” said James. “This is mulching, watering, and fertilization. These will help to make sure that the trees have all the nutrients to survive through the hard winter season. Make sure the trees have a 2–4-inch mulch blanket at the root zone. A fertilizer that releases nutrients slowly is also recommended to keep the trees well-nourished throughout winter.”

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“Remove the dead and diseased branches to give the trees a stronger structure,” added James. “This will help the trees to survive the high winter winds. It will also help to minimize the risk of the trees to contract infections.”

“Another important tip is not shaking trees when you notice it's bending,” said James. “When the branches are covered in ice, they can easily break. Therefore, if you notice such a concern, contact a tree specialist for a professional inspection, instead of trying to knock off the ice by shaking.”

“Winter is characterized by salt runoff which can be consumed by the roots causing stunted growth, disfigured foliage, or even death,” explained James. “To reduce these damages, homeowners should apply gypsum to their trees.”

The team noted that they will continue with further research about tips to save trees from stress throughout the year. They confirmed that all the findings will be shared in the company’s media room.

“These are just but a few tips that the team has found effective to save trees from winter stress,” said James. “The team will continue doing more research about the same, and hence homeowners should expect more tips in the Riverside Tree Service’s media room. Also, since a year has four seasons, the team will research the other 3, and the findings will be shared in the company’s media room.”

The Team urged homeowners in Riverside and its suburbs to continue trusting Riverside Tree Service with their trees.

“It is many years since Riverside Tree Service started serving homeowners in Riverside and the entire neighborhood,” said James. “Throughout the years, very many homeowners have had a chance to experience Riverside Tree Service's exceptional services. From the feedback received, it is clear that these homeowners are happy. On behalf of the whole Riverside Tree Service team, the research team urges homeowners to continue trusting the company with their trees as it will continue delivering the same high-quality services.”

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