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Kaysville, Utah — CMB HVAC, an HVAC company located just outside of Salt Lake City, attended EPIC2023, a two-day conference at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for contractors in the home services industry.

EPIC2023 (Educating Professionals in Contracting) featured celebrity keynote presenters Jillian Michaels, John C. Maxwell, Steve Young, and David Garibaldi. Not to mention, 16 other industry experts were in attendance and delivered breakout educational sessions which provided insights into emerging technologies that are impacting the home services industry.

Marketing Director for CMB HVAC, Lane Bird, was excited to attend this year’s event. “I love seeing the new trends as they relate to the industry. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind," said Bird. "EPIC2023 always has a big emphasis on the customer, and we love to help people here at CMB HVAC so this reaffirms our commitment to our customers as trusted advisors in the field."

The event also featured over 60 exhibitors, including Amana Heating & Air Condition, a trusted brand that has been around for nearly 70 years. In fact, the technicians at CMB HVAC are the first in the state of UTAH who are specially trained to install Amana products.

“The local Amana brand dealer plays a critical role in ensuring that your household's heating and air conditioning needs are met. That is why we are excited to work with an extensive network of local HVAC professionals that distinguish themselves based on their customer service, business standards, and technical competency,” as stated on

CMB HVAC is committed to providing its customers with quality service and products that are both reliable and up-to-date with industry standards. By attending events like EPIC2023, CMB HVAC remains informed about emerging trends in technology while also staying connected with other professionals in order to better serve its clients.

The dedicated team of professionals at CMB HVAC offers a wide variety of services including HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement. For more information about the services offered by HVAC or to book an appointment, give them a call at (801) 823-1395 or visit their website at


For more information about CMB HVAC LLC, contact the company here:

Lane Bird
(801) 823-1395
Salt Lake City, Utah


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