Bridegeview, IL - As mask mandates continue to be lifted and COVID cases continue to decline, for the time being, the federal government has stopped funding COVID testing centers in the past month. Despite the lack of urgency, there are several people who still wish to be tested. Since the beginning of January 2022, Sinai Laboratory has been a pillar of COVID testing for the community of Bridgeview.

Sinai Laboratory will continue to administer both rapid and PCR COVID testing at the rates of $50 for rapid and $100 for PCR. They will also be offering $130 for bundled rapid and PCR tests. Rapid tests offer a faster turnaround time while patients who receive the PCR test will still likely wait at least two days for results. At the same time, Sinai Laboratory will continue other forms of medical testing they have integrated over the last few months. This includes hematology, microbiology, and urinalysis tests for conditions and infections other than COVID.

“There is so much testing potential even outside of COVID. That’s why it’s important we continue to do the tests that we do,” says Sinai Laboratory CEO Rami Sneineh, “When it does come to COVID, we still get calls and visits regarding testing and quick results. Since we’re not funded anymore, we have to start charging for them. We plan to continue our COVID testing for as long as the community needs it. Your health is our priority. Being able to provide the community with affordable and reliable diagnostic services, as well as COVID testing, is something we are proud to do.”

Sinai Laboratory’s knowledgeable team of lab administrators and technicians strive to provide the best service for their patients. Walk-ins continue to be welcome at Sinai Laboratory for rapid and PCR testing, and they also offer to test for workplaces at their location at 8028 S Harlem Ave in Bridgeview.


For more information about Sinai Laboratory Corp, contact the company here:

Sinai Laboratory Corp
Agnes Zabawa
8028 S Harlem Ave Unit B, Bridgeview, IL 60455


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