San Juan Capistrano, CA based South Shores Recovery is pleased to announce that they have expanded their acclaimed inpatient treatment facilities to 12 beds. This allows them to replicate their recipe for success and provide personalized attention to more clients. The foundation is laid for long-term sobriety in a safe and caring environment.

The recovery center offers evidence-based therapies and some unique offerings such as surf therapy and harp therapy. At its beautiful new location in San Juan Capistrano, the luxury setting of South Shores now offers clients a pool table to unwind between sessions, a hot tub, and other amenities to make their residential addiction treatment offerings even more appealing. From Dana Point to San Diego County and beyond, South Shores takes pride in being a premier substance abuse treatment provider for Southern California and the United States The center offers Detox & Treatment, a short-term Residential Treatment Program that helps clients gain the tools they need for long-term sobriety within the comfort of a safe space.

South Shores’ treatment process utilizes a variety of tools and resources to teach and counsel an individual on how to break their chains of addiction. The South Shores staff are trained and equipped to handle all kinds of addictions and issues a client may face. They believe that, if a thorough and safe detox is done that allows the individual to be fully clear, a guest can then step into the next phase of their detox and residential addiction treatment — thus improving their chances of long-term sobriety by a considerable amount.

South Shores Detox & Treatment also offers programs for alcohol and narcotic addiction. The center understands that addiction is an illness that has its roots in altered brain function and structure. Addiction has been attributed to many different factors, including those that are environmental, genetic, and developmental in nature. This makes it an extremely difficult illness to treat, hence why many people struggle through multiple relapses until finally achieving the sobriety they were working towards. South Shores has experience with individuals who struggled through their rehabilitation, seeing cases that seemed hopeless but succeeded in the end. The center achieves this success through a multi-prong approach that sees each guest receive a therapeutic, experiential, and communal treatment that helps move those dealing with addiction from a place of anxiety and turmoil to a place of healing.

From the moment an individual arrives at South Shores Recovery, they are meant to feel at home. It is essential to have a safe, drug-free environment for a residential recovery program, but South Shores does not stop there. Rather than their inpatient services having a sterile, clinical environment like many other treatment facilities, the South Shores facility is a comfortable home near the beach in southern Orange County. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the grounds as well as the other on-site amenities. An individual will also have plenty of personal space and privacy while still being able to socialize and bond with other residents in treatment.

Those in the residential alcohol and drug rehab will receive continuous care and be monitored through each step of the rehabilitation process, ensuring their safety at all times. South Shores also offers detox services, allowing clients to overcome physical dependency and begin treatment for addiction in one place (and have their progress consistently monitored by some of the same physicians, specialists, and clinicians). Additionally, South Shores makes use of a variety of ‘comfort medications,’ which are intended to help their clients get through any discomfort that occurs as part of rehabilitation, including medication to help them relax, sleep or alleviate anxiety. Through a combination of counseling and psychotherapy, group sessions, and various holistic and supplemental offerings, residents are able to gradually regain a healthy lifestyle and also gain the relapse prevention skills necessary to sustain long-term sobriety upon their return to the community.

Gorgeous new facilities of South Shores Recovery a luxury addiction treatment facility for

To learn more about South Shores Recovery and the programs they offer, interested parties may visit the official website. The center can also be contacted via phone or email for further information (or to request their services).


For more information about South Shores Recovery , contact the company here:

South Shores Recovery
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