FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — MoneyShow Newswire – SS Innovations International, Inc. (the “Company” or “SS Innovations”) (OTC: SSII), a developer of innovative surgical robotic technologies dedicated to making robotic surgery affordable and accessible to a global population, today announced that it will present at MoneyShow’s Investment Masters Symposium Las Vegas, scheduled for Aug. 8-10, 2023 at the Paris Las Vegas resort.

Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of SS Innovations, and a pioneer in robotic cardiothoracic surgery, will be joined at the event by Dr. Frederic Moll. Sometimes called “The father of robotic surgery,” Dr. Moll is known for founding Intuitive Surgical and creating the da Vinci system. They will deliver a keynote presentation titled “SSII Is Shaping a New Era in Robotic Surgery,” as well as host a joint workshop session for conference attendees.

Meanwhile, SS Innovations’ flagship SSI Mantra surgical robotic system is currently being utilized to perform successfully in a wide array of surgical specialties including Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Head and Neck, Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery, and very complex robotic cancer operations.

To date, more than 250 surgeries and 40 different types of surgical procedures across every specialty have been performed using the SSi Mantra system. Global demand is growing for surgical robots which allow surgeons to perform complex surgery with more precision and smaller incisions, leading to less pain, minimal blood loss, reduced risk of infection and faster recovery.

About SS Innovations International, Inc.

SS Innovations International, Inc. (OTC: SSII) is a developer of innovative surgical robotic technologies with a vision to make the benefits of robotic surgery affordable and accessible to a larger part of the global population. SSII's product range includes its proprietary "SSi Mantra" surgical robotic system, and "SSi Mudra", its wide range of surgical instruments capable of supporting a variety of surgical procedures including robotic cardiac surgery. SSII's business operations are headquartered in India and SSII has plans to expand the presence of its technologically advanced, user-friendly, and cost-effective surgical robotic solutions, globally. For more information, visit SSII's website at or LinkedIn for updates.

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