St. Ives, NSW – In the bustling heart of St. Ives, a dental clinic's name might seem new, but its legacy is deeply rooted in the community's trust. Previously renowned as the "Dr Bentley Sacks Dental Surgery", the practice has gracefully transitioned into its new avatar, "St Ives Smiles", and within its first year of operations under this name, it unveils a subtle facelift reflecting modern aesthetics and patient-centric enhancements.

Dr. Jeremy Hockey (DDS), the principal dentist at St Ives Smiles, shared his thoughts about this significant transition, “Taking over from a name that has been a staple in the community was a decision filled with reverence and responsibility. Our choice to give the clinic a facelift was not about complete transformation, but rather to blend the clinic’s storied past with contemporary needs.”

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The facelift isn’t a sweeping overhaul but a testament to the clinic's commitment to patient comfort and modernity. Every change has been implemented keeping in mind the comfort of the patients and to enhance the overall dental visit experience.

Miss Theresa Tran-Nguyen, the co-owner and a skilled dental hygienist, played a significant role in these enhancements. "It’s amazing how subtle changes can influence the overall ambiance. The feedback from our returning patients has been overwhelmingly positive, and they appreciate the balanced blend of familiarity with the freshness,” said Miss Tran-Nguyen.

While the practice has seen visual upgrades, the core values remain unchanged. St Ives Smiles Dentistry continues to prioritise high-quality dental care, just as Dr Bentley Sacks Dental Surgery did. The latest tools and technology ensure precise treatments, and the team's dedication to their craft guarantees a compassionate approach.

Delving into the specifics of the facelift, visitors are immediately greeted by a refreshed and inviting reception area. This area has been thoughtfully redesigned to enhance the first impression and overall patient experience. While the treatment rooms remain largely consistent with their original setup, paying homage to the legacy of the clinic, the reception's transformation provides a renewed sense of trust, professionalism, and community care.

The journey from Dr Bentley Sacks Dental Surgery to St Ives Smiles is not just a change of name but a fusion of legacies. Behind this transition lies a story of dedication, passion, and a profound respect for the tradition of dental care established by Dr. Bentley Sacks. "It is heartwarming to see long-time patients of Dr Bentley Sacks Dental Surgery continue to place their trust in us, and equally rewarding for us to welcome new faces who have heard about our commitment to dental excellence," remarked Dr. Hockey.

In reflecting upon the transition, Dr. Hockey further noted, "Embracing change while preserving the essence of what makes a practice unique is challenging. But the overwhelmingly positive response from the St Ives community is evidence that we've struck the right balance." As the practice undergoes its metamorphosis, it does so without losing sight of the founding principles that have endeared it to so many.

As the clinic navigates its first year under the banner of St Ives Smiles, the team is excited about the future. The journey ahead is filled with promise, opportunities, and a continued dedication to both innovation and time-honored practices. They invite community members, old patients, and new, to experience this blend of legacy and forward-thinking care.


For more information about St Ives Smiles, contact the company here:

St Ives Smiles
Dr Jeremy Hockey
(02) 9488 8378
7/160 Warrimoo Ave,
St Ives,
NSW 2075


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