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Rehab Near Me, an online resource for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, is making a huge push into the mental health space. While substance abuse and addiction continue to be vital issues, many of the underlying causes of addiction are linked to mental health. Thus, Rehab Near Me is working with mental health service clinics and providers to help in looking for those rehab facilities that are qualified to provide such services.

Mental health problems can sometimes result into drug or alcohol use. This is because people suffering from a mental health issue may misuse these substances as a way to self-medicate. It is also important to note that both substance use and mental health disorders share some underlying causes, such as genetic vulnerabilities, changes in the composition of the brain, and early exposure to stress and/or trauma. It has also been noted that certain drugs that are abused cause the user to experience some of the symptoms of a mental health issue. Thus, substance use and some mental health disorders have been observed to be interlinked.

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According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 11.2 percent of American adults are suffering from chronic pain, while 17.6 percent are experiencing severe pain. This has resulted into a rise in the prescription of painkillers, which are also drugs that can be misused and may even serve as a gateway to the use of illegal drugs. One of the reasons proposed for the worsening of the drug abuse problem is that there has been an increase in cases of chronic pain, which resulted into a rise in the use of prescription painkillers. Prescription painkillers tend to be easier to access and some people also have the mistaken belief that these drugs are less addictive and are safer because they are prescribed by doctors.

Meanwhile, the street drugs that are commonly abused are methamphetamine, cocaine, etc. These substances are highly addictive and can cause a broad range of adverse effects. Nevertheless, some people will ignore these side effects for the sake of experiencing the euphoric sensations they provide. People who already have mental health issues are even more likely to ignore any negative effects as long as they “feel better” after taking the drug or alcohol.

Typically, rehab programs last for 30 days or one month. These programs provide their patients with the opportunity to get clean and remain clean without requiring a long term commitment. There are even shorter programs like the 21 day drug rehabs, and just like the one-month programs, they include the basic steps of evaluation, stabilization, counseling/therapy, and ongoing support.

When a patient goes for rehab treatment, the facility will first conduct a complete evaluation of the substance abuse patient. This will include both physical and mental health assessments and also the determination of the degree of dependence on psychoactive drugs, including alcohol. Psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, personality disorders, history of abuse or trauma, etc. Are also determined.

The stabilization component is the inpatient program where the health professionals will dig deep into the underlying causes of the addiction and guide the patient in finding ways to cope and thrive in the real world after the completion of the treatment. This starts with a detox period that gets rid of the drugs and/or alcohol from the system of the patient. After the detox process, the patient will receive counseling and various treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is based on the idea that a patient’s feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and actions are all interlinked and that the negative feelings and thoughts entrap the person in a negative cycle. Thus, CBT helps the patient to view the problems in a more positive way on a daily basis.

Rehab Near Me wants to point out that the rehab process may be a life-long process, but it starts with finding the appropriate rehab facility. Those who are searching for drug treatment programs, either for themselves or a loved one, can visit the Rehab Near Me website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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