Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is helping New South Wales residents learn about the many health problems that are associated with poor breathing. The holistic dentistry clinic is also offering a range of treatments for patients to improve their breathing such as breathing retraining, myofunctional appliances, and myofunctional therapy.

Those who complain of shortness of breath, especially those who suffer from it chronically, most likely suffer from serious medical conditions related to the lungs such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, problems related to their breathing pathways, heart disease, and others. However, some patients may also have poor breathing habits such as taking in air through their mouth instead of breathing through their nose.

breathing problems

Regardless of the root cause, there are several downsides to dysfunctional breathing. The biggest effect is the lowering of carbon dioxide levels in the body. This leads to the hemoglobin in the blood assuming that there is no need to release oxygen. Thus, the cells of the body get deprived of the oxygen they need and the person starts to feel fatigued. Dysfunctional breathing also makes the body prone to dental problems as its overall acidity increases. The health problems that are specific to mouth breathing include crooked teeth, poor posture, dry mouth and lips, increased risk of inflamed tonsils, and narrow jaws in children.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is considered by many to be the best provider of treatments for breathing problems Sydney has to offer. The center has a specific focus on the damage that breathing through the mouth and other poor breathing habits can have on the human body. According to its website, “mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing, and other myofunctional habits can cause malocclusions, poor facial development, and recurrence of crowded teeth after orthodontic treatment.”

A spokesperson for Sydney Holistic Dental Centre talks about how it can help people suffering from poor breathing habits in New South Wales by saying, “Though we specialize in dental health here at SHDC, our promise of delivering holistic health and wellness services compels us to look at all the disparate physiological systems in the body that have a direct effect on a person’s dental health. This ability to diagnose the whole body’s symptoms makes us exceedingly proficient at not only addressing your dental concerns but also at helping you improve your overall health. From our years of experience examining patients, we have determined that mouth breathing is a particularly harmful habit that can have far-reaching consequences for a person’s health. Moreover, we also believe that solving the problem can have a dramatic improvement on one’s quality of life. If this applies to you, we strongly urge you to look into the treatment options available.”

According to the Sydney holistic dental treatments clinic, the ideal way to breathe is through the nose and taking 8 to 12 breaths per minute. The diaphragm should actively work to pull in air and fill the lungs. Breathing through the nose, the part of the body that has specifically evolved over millions of years for that purpose, also offers several advantages such as the inhaled air being filtered by the fine hairs in the nostril, the mucous lining killing microbes, sinuses warming and humidifying the air, and the tonsils and adenoids acting as another line of defense during the breathing process.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre helps patients improve their breathing by retraining them to breathe through their nose. The clinic can also help install myofunctional appliances such as splints to help the patient retrain on the proper way to breathe healthily. SHDC can also pair the use of myofunctional appliances with orofacial myofunctional therapy which involves mouth and tongue exercises to strengthen the muscles and tongue so that they are in the right position.

Apart from addressing its patients’ dysfunctional breathing habits, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre also offers a range of other holistic dental treatments such as mercury amalgam removals, root canal treatments, snoring and OSA, sleep treatments, headache treatments, and more.


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