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The Iconic Agent, a leading new construction and luxury new construction real estate training and marketing consultancy, is ecstatic to announce the release of their latest video on their popular YouTube channel. This new video presents a proven method to help real estate agents transform unresponsive leads into referrals or clients by re-engaging the leads in a specific manner, along with focusing on selling New Construction and Luxury New Construction properties.

The video, titled "," features expert advice from agent and marketer Damon Greene who discusses his clients have had million-dollar deals generated from unexpected referrals from “old or non-responsive” leads. This innovative strategy is designed to help real estate agents that have a pipeline and are building a pipeline and want to attract buyers looking to purchase new construction and luxury new construction residences.

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Damon Greene, an industry marketing professional, explains the importance of turning unresponsive leads into opportunities. "The secret to increasing your real estate business lies in your ability to unlock the true potential of your sphere of influence and pipeline – even if that lead never buys Even if you think that lead or prospect is unresponsive," Greene emphasizes the significance of nurturing relationships with clients and providing excellent service to increase the chances of receiving lucrative referrals, potentially leading to million-dollar deals.

This insightful video is designed to address the common problem faced by real estate agents whose sphere of influence and pipeline appear, old, dead, or even broke. The Iconic Agent tackles this issue head-on with a proven strategy that revives and reengages these leads, prompting them to take action or refer business. The video has examples of real-life success stories from clients, including a client that turned a small commission for an affordable house into a $2 million condo deal.

"Don't underestimate the power of unexpected referrals," says Greene. "By doing good and treating all leads and prospects like clients, you're setting the stage for long-term success. No matter the size of the commission, if you do right by them, you'll open the door for your future deals and referrals." He also encourages real estate professionals to focus on getting referrals from their current pipeline, engaging their current sphere of influence, and making the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

The Iconic Agent's innovative approach to lead generation and marketing showcases a unique and practical solution to real estate professionals struggling with generating new construction buyer leads as well as working with their current lead flow. Their expert advice and strategies provide targeted, tailored solutions to their audience in the niche of new construction and luxury new construction (new build) buyers and lead generation.

Real estate agents interested can watch the video and discover effective techniques for turning unresponsive and dead leads into referrals or clients here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uct6qFkEf4

About The Iconic Agent:
Damon Greene established The Iconic Agent in 2017. Greene's mission was to teach real estate professionals about digital marketing and new techniques to acquire clients. Clients have seen tremendous success and learned what is possible for their careers since then, and many have gone on to become top producers. Greene has helped hundreds of clients earn over $200 million in additional new construction and luxury new construction sales in just over 3 years. His passion is helping real estate agents win and see their full potential. Greene and his partner Nathaniel Crawford have been featured on the Lab Coat Agents Webinar Training, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and numerous media outlets. The Iconic Agent Offers a suite of products to help agents generate more new construction and luxury new construction leads. They offer the New Construction Buyer Attraction Playbook for the do-it-yourselfers, and New Construction Marketing Mastery for real estate agents that want more support, access to their team, top-tier resources, and community backing.


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