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Top Pro Kitchen & Bath in Gainesville has been taking care of the bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs of those in its area of Florida for many years now. All that experience has them noticing certain trends that take place with the areas that people choose to remodel in their homes. This includes bathrooms often being one of the last rooms in a home that people renovate.

Elsa Verina, a spokesperson for the company, says that people should consider remodeling bathrooms more often to improve their home's looks and get the most out of that important space. She mentioned that there are some other good reasons why people choose to remodel bathrooms too. Verina stated, “We are always ecstatic when people come to us looking to help with a bathroom remodel. That’s because that person who came to us realizes the value of improving their bathrooms even if they are small or used very little. The difference and feel between a home with refurbished or redesigned bathrooms and one with the same drab old bathrooms can be very dramatic.


The company spokesperson went on to discuss some of the main reasons why people choose to remodel one or more of their bathrooms. Improving the looks of those spacious is an obvious one as is trying to make smaller bathrooms bigger. She says some of this also has to do with functionality. This includes doing such things as adding a bathtub to a bathroom that only has a shower when a new child is about to arrive into the world. It could also be the case where a bathroom is converted to one with two sinks because a husband and wife are always getting ready at the same time in the morning. Many homeowners will also plan a renovation if their bathrooms have fallen into a state of disrepair because sometimes renovating them is not much more expensive than repairing them. A bathroom renovation often includes a plumbing change too that can add to a bathroom’s space and functionality. Verina says that the adage ‘you have to spend money to make money’ applies to bathroom remodels also. That’s because bathroom remodels that are done by seasoned professionals such as them can add great value to a home that is about to be placed up for sale. She went on to say that when they assist a customer with a bathroom remodel they will take a look at everything to give that remodel the best chance to come out perfect. This includes looking at bathroom layouts, lighting, color schemes, wall materials, flooring, fixtures, and more. This is the same approach that Top Pro Kitchen & Bath in Gainesville takes with its kitchen remodels that always works out so well.

Those that have used the company’s bathroom and kitchen remodeling services often rate that work with 5 out of a possible 5-star reviews. Emily Valdez says, “It was a fun experience calling these guys and watching them executing everything so smoothly. I chose a partial kitchen remodel option since I am not going to stay in my property for more than a few years. I met with them and that was when I knew I'd chosen my favorite company. They remodeled my kitchen quite fast, and the overall costs were much lower than I was anticipating. They also dropped me a call after the project was taken care of. It shows how dedicated they are to their customers. Kate Miller proclaimed, “Superb communication and a flawless kitchen remodel truly the work of professionals. They also left little to no mess at all. Half the time, I was doing my own thing and kept myself busy with one of my chores. They kept doing their job and when it was done, it was as flawless as they had claimed on their website. Overall, they deserve a five-star rating.”

Verina invites anyone in Gainesville and the surrounding Florida areas that are thinking about doing a kitchen or bathroom model to sit down with them to talk about how the company can help them create the living spaces of their dreams.


For more information about Top Pro Kitchen & Bath, contact the company here:

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Top Pro Kitchen & Bath
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