MO based Blingle! of Southwest St. Louis is pleased to share that the team is now available to begin work on new projects for local residents and businesses. The company specializes in erecting all manner of exterior lighting, and clients are welcome to request highly custom solutions that meet their highest standards. Get started at the following link: Visit Company Website.

“We are delighted to confirm that we are ready to come out and discuss your next lighting installation,” states a representative from Blingle! of Southwest St. Louis. “If you have found yourself sitting on the fence, unwilling to commit to a lighting update or upgrade because you weren’t sure whom to turn to, you can rest assured that your search ends here. Blingle is the only contractor you will need for all your exterior lighting needs.”

Blingle’s services, like their products, can be availed throughout the year, though clients are advised to get in touch well before holiday seasons and other busy periods (such as wedding season) to ensure their project can be scheduled. The company tends to be in high demand during these periods because they can be trusted to install bright, long-lasting and efficient lighting that maintains both visual appeal and functionality. Two factors contribute to this: the company’s highly trained professionals and their exclusive use of the best products on the market.

As such, anyone in need of a Southwest St. Louis lighting solution can get started simply by getting in touch with Blingle. Once a client demonstrates a serious desire to go forward with a project, the company puts them through what is known as The Blingle Experience — a client-focused series of phases that take all applicable factors into account as a solution is developed. Along with the client’s preferences, these factors may include the layout of the property as well as the team’s own recommendations (though the final decision always rests with the client).

Whether a project requires landscape and patio lighting, commercial lighting, path lighting or any of a variety of temporary installations, Blingle can handle it all. The team is equally adept at installing lighting that has to endure for months or years as they are implementing solutions for events that may not last more than a single day. Weddings, corporate gatherings and so on are an excellent example of the latter, with the company both installing and removing bulbs as required.

Over the course of the year, many use Blingle’s peerless services to install seasonal or holiday-themed solutions that may be up for no more than a few weeks. Regardless of the time an installation is meant to be up, the company is ready and willing to accommodate a client’s schedule. Blingle is committed to every job, and this is reflected in the quality of their work.

Those who choose to work with the company more than once may notice a pattern to the approach they take on any project. This is The Blingle Experience, and it always begins with a Design Consultation. This consultation can take place either virtually or in-person with one of the company’s design specialists, and it gives clients an opportunity to share all their goals, desires and concerns.

An initial mockup of the proposed solution may be created to help the client fine-tune their requirements, but the second phase of the process is a much more complex lighting demo. This is more realistic than the mockup because it uses actual photographs of the property in question to simulate what the installation will look like once completed. Should the client wish to go ahead at this point, the company will set about crafting a formal proposal. The actual installation will soon follow.

Blingle! of Southwest St. Louis recommends that homeowners and businesses get in touch if they are considering any type of exterior lighting installation in the near future. The company will be pleased to help them look over their options. Those interested may contact the company or learn more here: Visit Web Site.


For more information about Blingle! of Southwest St. Louis, contact the company here:

Blingle! of Southwest St. Louis
(314) 374-6182
18161 Edison Ave Unit D-E, Chesterfield, MO, 63005


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