Alpharetta, Georgia – After working with Tree Service Alpharetta for quite a long time, Mary, earlier today, showed her appreciation of the company with gifts.

"It has been a smooth journey working with Tree Service Alpharetta for 10 years," said Mary.

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"The first time the company came to work at the family's house," added Mary while explaining where the family’s relationship with the company began, "they were supposed to restore a yard, which seemed impossible to the family. They did a very good job from planting to the end, and today the yard is full of very healthy trees."

"Another incident is a time when the family was planning to sell a house in Alpharetta," added Mary. "The husband had looked for a buyer everywhere, but none was willing to buy the house at the family’s budget. After sharing the story with one Tree Service Alpharetta employee, he advised the family to improve the house with tree and grass coverings. That didn’t seem like a good idea to the family, but since the company had transformed the home’s yard for the better, the family decided to put the idea into practice and made a home improvement service booking with the company."

"When the team came, and the husband gave them a clear image of what the family expects, they started working," added Mary. "They worked on the landscape for around one year, and then the house was ready to be sold."

"True to the employee’s word," continued Mary, "the house was bought on the first day of advertising and at a higher price than what the family expected. These two, together with very many other occasions on which the company has saved the family, made the family feel the need to appreciate them. This was supposed to be done earlier last month, but due to unavoidable circumstances, it had to be shifted to today."

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According to Mary, the company deserved more than what the family gifted them.

"This is just a small appreciation for the company," said Mary, "because what they have done for the family in all those years can’t be repaid by a piece of land and the other small gifts you have seen."

Mary revealed that the family had been disappointed earlier by other tree care companies.

"Earlier," said Mary, "the family had used many other tree care companies. Every company that the family turned to brought more hurt to the family."

"Through bad tree care companies," added Mary, "the family has lost over 20,000 trees. It reached a point where the family had sworn to never own trees again, but there came this neighbor who introduced the family to Tree Service Alpharetta. Since then, every time the family works with the company, more reasons to settle with the company arise."

Mary then urged homeowners in Alpharetta and its suburbs to take advantage of Tree Service Alpharetta being near them and make as many bookings as possible.

"From the long experience working with Tree Service Alpharetta," said Mary, "the family feels like the company is underrated. The family, therefore, urges homeowners in Alpharetta and the entire neighborhood not to take the presence of this company near them for granted. They should make the most of its presence by placing orders for all their tree care requirements."

Tree Service Alpharetta offices are located at 945 North Point Dr #1230, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States. Homeowners can also reach out to the company by calling +1 678-990-1862 or sending an email to


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