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Vidl Life, a company based in Chesterfield, MO, believes in the power of human connection and wants to use water bottles to do this. They are highlighting this connection by interviewing members of the Vidl community who have experienced hardships and disruptions in life, and allowed them to share their stories. Vidl wants to point out that it is essential to be empowered and not to get stuck in a negative story. These interviews will focus on who showed up in a particular person’s life to remind them that they are absolutely essential, important, and treasured during their hardship. And ultimately, the vital questions would be on how that human connection has changed the person and how it has empowered that person to remind others that they are important.

Vidl Life believes in a world that recognizes the power of human connection, where individuals accept their differences and realize their commonalities. The company strives to encourage the development of communities that lift each other up in times of need and to be a reminder to others just how important they are. It is by realizing and understanding how vital one is that provides each person with purpose. Unfortunately, in the contemporary world filled with technology and noise, it is easy for individuals to feel marginalized and rejected.

During an interview with co-founder and CEO Rick Fessler, he shared more about Vidl Life’s mission. He said, “In a world that is so divided and at times can feel isolated, we look to bring people back together through vital moments, conversations, and impact. There are so many stories as of late we are hearing day in and day out, that when they gift someone a bottle, they are blown away by how meaningful an everyday use product such as a water bottle can be. We’ve heard stories of people who not only carry their bottle because it means something to them, but that they are also drinking more water.”

The Vid water bottle is a 20 oz vacuum-insulated, double-wall, stainless steel bottle with a twist-off and a sealed storage compartment. The water bottles can be personalized, allowing people to have it carry a message of encouragement for themselves and possibly for others. These messages can be printed on the bottle and they can be inspirational quotes or Bible verses. A customer can also specify a specific design for the water bottle by choosing the lid type, the bottle color, and the base color. The lid type can be a straw, chug, or their standard lid. The bottle color can be white, gray, black, or stainless steel. For the base color, there are 14 color options, from aqua to red to sunshine, as well as white, black, and including stainless steel. Personalized engraving may also be requested for a $5 additional charge and with a maximum of 30 characters.

Founded in 2019, Vidl Life was the result of the vision of co-founders Rick Fessler, Jae Chung, and Tim Bausch to not just focus on a great idea for a consumer product that is used everyday life but also start a movement that focuses on the power of human connection. They want to emphasize that the business is founded on the belief that humans are at their best when they really care about other people and that humanity’s greatest problems can be solved with kindness. Thus, their product is so much more than a water bottle. It is actually a movement about living a life with conversations, moments, and impact. Vidl Life has also partnered with important organizations like Thirsty Child and Angels Arms as part of their commitment to improving the community. Thirsty Child provides water filters and water sanitation systems for the purpose of enabling children to be healthy, enjoy their childhood, and go to school and learn. And parents don’t have to suffer the agony of watching their children suffer from unsafe water. Meanwhile, Angels Arms provides a safe home and loving family for foster children.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Vidl water bottle and the power of human connection can check out the Vidl Life website or contact them on the phone or through email. Or they can visit their social media page.


For more information about Vidl Life, contact the company here:

Vidl Life
Rick Fessler
766 Spirit 40 Park Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005


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