UK-based International Mover is helping people learn more about moving overseas. Transitions of this nature can be exciting and open up new opportunities, but they require a certain degree of care to minimise the risk of plans going awry. International Mover is sharing their expertise to help travellers avoid common pitfalls and make the most of their move.

“You may have lived all your life in the UK or regularly travelled around the world,” states Kimberlee Fenn, founder of International Mover, “but no amount of experience can get you ready to uproot your entire life and move overseas. It is its own experience, and it can be incredibly rewarding. However, you should understand that there is no such thing as being too prepared or knowing too much. If you are planning to move at some point in the future, the right time to start doing your research and preparing is today.”

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The first order of business, according to International Mover, is to learn more about the destination country. Many still make the mistake of assuming that the representation they see in popular media and so on is accurate, for instance, but it is often far from the truth. Further, the glamorisation (or otherwise) of a location is unlikely to be representative of what it is like to live there, and the same is true for information supplied by travel brochures. This is why International Mover also advises against relying too heavily on insights gained as a tourist — the life of a local resident is usually quite different.

Along with learning more about the country’s culture, language, social norms and so on, an individual should make every attempt to understand its legal requirements. This may include visa regulations as well as career and educational opportunities. Some countries have vastly different healthcare systems as well, and this should be factored into the expected lifestyle budget. It is recommended that people start making a checklist of all the critical tasks they will have to take care of prior to the move.

Next, they should consider how they will be transporting their belongings and valuables. In most cases, an individual or family will not have the resources to move their items in bulk by themselves (or be willing to take the drastic measure of leaving most of their items behind). To make up for this, and to ensure a smooth transition, they can enlist the assistance of UK international removal services. Such services tend to have established networks that serve to ensure any goods they are trusted with are delivered safely and on schedule to the correct destination.

International Mover advises everyone to contact as many reputable companies as possible before making a decision. This will allow an individual or family to compare quotes and weigh the advantages of one service over the other.

While it is easy to accumulate a household full of items, it is not so easy (or affordable) to ship them all overseas. Some items will inevitably be left behind, so International Mover says people should start dealing with unwanted objects as early as possible. Some items may be given away, and others may be discarded altogether, but the objective is to arrive at a point where everything is organised.

Certain movers also offer professional packing services. If this is available and within the customer’s budget, they may wish to make use of it. If not, they can still gather the right materials and begin packing by themselves. International Mover points out that fragile items should receive more attention as well.

One of the most important aspects of a move is its budget. This is also one area where more research can help since this will help a person figure out where their expenses will be coming from. In addition to the most apparent, such as shipping costs and travel expenses, a budget should factor in how much it costs to live in the destination country. This should include housing, sustenance, utilities, transportation and so on. It may also be worthwhile to set up a bank account in the new country.

There are many more tips that International Mover could share, and the organisation plans to keep reaching out to their community in the future.


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