Wilmington, NC, — Wilmington Dermatology Center has announced that they now offer a new anti-aging technology, ellacor®, a first of its kind skin tightening procedure that removes tiny portions of excess skin to reduce laxity. Wilmington Dermatology Center is one of the first practices in the Carolinas to offer this innovative treatment. Wilmington Dermatology Center’s pioneering of the FDA Approved treatment further establishes their commitment to invest in breakthrough technologies and provide patients with the latest in aesthetics care.

“We’re thrilled and honored to be able to provide our patients with the amazing results ellacor® provides,” said Rosalyn George, M.D., founder of Wilmington Dermatology Center. “It’s a part of our mission to stay up to date with all kinds of developments in the aesthetic technology world, and ellacor® has a truly amazing technique for rejuvenation that doesn’t rely on thermal energy or surgery. Ellacor® is a great option for patients looking for something more intensive than noninvasive procedures, like Ultherapy®, while remaining firmly in the non-surgical camp.”

Before and After an ellacor treatment

Ellacor® uses patented Micro-Coring™ technology to reduce the appearance of sagging and moderate to severe wrinkles. This process involves using tiny, hollow needles to excise micro-cores from various levels of the skin. Once the actual tissue is removed, the body’s natural healing process generates proteins like collagen and elastin to rebuild the structure of the skin. Unlike microneedling, where the tissue is injured, removing the tissue limits how much can be regenerated, resulting in the tightening of the skin as it physically realigns to close the cores. Currently, ellacor® is approved for the mid to lower face, meaning it can treat sagging skin, like jowls.

“The treatment itself is highly customizable, as it lets us adjust the treatment depth and the percentage of skin removed,” added Dr. George. “The procedure only takes around thirty minutes, and there is some noticeable redness and bruising for several days after treatment, but our patients have said it was worth it. We have a variety of procedures and services using all kinds of technology at Wilmington Dermatology Center, from radiofrequency and thermal energy to lasers, but ellacor® stands out by being in a category of its own.”

The minimally invasive device is FDA Approved for patients aged 22 and over and can be used to treat light to medium and olive skin tones. In clinical trials, three sessions yielded the most effective results by proving the skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing effects of the device.

“We’re always looking for proven technologies that deliver real results. It’s why Wilmington Dermatology Center is a premier skincare destination in the area,” Dr. George continued. “Our patients trust us to do right by them, and they know they can count on us to deliver the best possible care using innovative methods that help them feel confident inside and out. Gravity’s effects on the skin are inevitable, but thanks to ellacor®, you can make a big difference without having to go under the knife!”

Wilmington Dermatology Center is currently open and taking appointments for new and current patients. For more information visit https://wilmingtondermatologycenter.com/


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