The Wolper Law Firm, based in Plantation, FL, is representing investors who have fallen victim to fraud and negligence in the financial industry. Given the scope of the losses a case may involve, the firm offers new clients the opportunity to receive free consultations so that they may determine what their best course of action may be.

Anyone who enters the financial industry will understand that there is no guarantee that their investments will be successful or that they will be able to avoid losses forever. Risk is ingrained into the system, and this is considered acceptable as it also affords the possibility of great success. However, malicious or incompetent parties can take advantage of investors, leading to hundreds of thousands or more in losses. Fortunately, there are legal remedies to such events, and the Wolper Law Firm can guide clients to a successful outcome if they wish to regain what has been lost.

In many cases, an investor may be unaware that they had legal protections that were flagrantly abused in their recent dealings, or there may be more to a case than what is apparent on the surface. The Wolper Law Firm makes it a point to keep track of the market’s biggest players and more, and this makes them an invaluable source of insight to parties who may have been wronged by unscrupulous firms and financial professionals.

In fact, the Wolper Law Firm boasts a near-perfect recovery rate for wronged investors. The consultations they provide give clients room to examine the nature of their losses with a dispassionate eye — along with the aid of a trained and experienced professional. This can highlight options for recovery that were previously obscured. Should the client and firm agree to work together and pursue the party at fault, this is as close to a guarantee the client can receive that their case will eventually enjoy a positive outcome.

An example of the treatment clients receive during these consultations can be found in the law firm’s reviews. R. Cannoy shares, “Matt Wolper helped us recover from an unexpected and untimely financial loss. He came highly recommended from a connection and, in short order, I learned exactly why. He is an excellent attorney and an outstanding listener. He took his time to address our concerns, carefully explaining in everyday terms what had happened and the strategy to get out of it. He was always available for follow-up questions. He kept us apprised of things we needed to know or do along the way. We can't recommend him highly enough, and we were very happy with the resolution he achieved for us. Thank you, Matt!”

The key to any case, should it involve stockbroker fraud, investment loss, elder financial abuse and so on, is to identify and expose misconduct. The Wolper Law Firm utilizes a trial-tested approach in each case, relying on their vast experience and other legal resources to demonstrate how an investor’s trust was abused and why this led to unnecessary losses. If any party can be found responsible for the financial harm a client received, the Wolper Law Firm will do everything in their power to ensure suitable compensation is paid.

J. Margolin shares in a review, “Mr. Wolper procured a settlement within three months of filing the lawsuit, and it was more than very satisfactory. He was very informative and transparent throughout the process and provided great insight from his experience, which enabled us to make decisions and settle the case. I would recommend Matt all day long and twice on Sunday.”

The Wolper Law Firm strongly encourages investors to waste no time getting in touch if they have recently suffered a loss. In many cases, time can be of the essence in minimizing damages and ensuring the highest possible figure in a settlement.

Those who believe their brokerage firm or financial advisor misled them or otherwise failed to meet their responsibilities are invited to speak with the Wolper Law Firm today. Consultations may be scheduled over the phone or via email. The firm can also make accommodations for clients who are unable to meet in person.


For more information about Wolper Law Firm, contact the company here:

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