CNN —Donald Trump is 0-for-an awful lot in Georgia since 2016.
On Tuesday, Trump’s run of Georgia futility could continue unless Heisman Trophy-winning ex-Georgia running back Herschel Walker can drag the MAGA banner over the line.
The Georgia Senate runoff represents Trump’s final opportunity to recast a painful midterm season in which his election-denying candidates flopped in swing states, casting a shadow over his nascent 2024 presidential bid.
The ex-president’s record in Georgia is so poor that he wasn’t wanted in the state as Walker has tried to topple Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in recent weeks.
Most galling for Trump, his hand-picked candidate spent his time cozying up to newly reelected Republican Gov.
So Trump badly needs a win for Walker to reset impressions of his stuttering presidential bid following a low wattage roll-out.
But if the ex-president’s political career is on a downward spiral, it’s safe to say that it started in Georgia.
Georgia is the epicenter of American politicsThe Senate runoff in Georgia caps an extraordinary two years in which the state has emerged, somewhat unexpectedly, as the most competitive battleground in the nation.
In a call on January 2, 2021, Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” sufficient votes to overturn Biden’s victory.
On the eve of the Senate runoffs in January 2021, Trump returned to Georgia to campaign for then-Sens.
In a CNN/SSRS poll released on Friday, Trump had a favorable rating of just 39% and an unfavorable rating of 54% among likely Georgia voters.
“Before a big game, I don’t sleep, because I’m ready,” he said during a final campaign stop in the Georgia suburbs.

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