Continue reading …‘SHE’S A JOKE' - Kamala Harris for president is not a sure thing if Biden doesn't run in 2024, voters say.
Continue reading …SIDELINED - Uvalde school district takes action against police chief after damning shooting response revelations.
Continue reading …‘SHUT HIM UP’ - A Florida tattoo parlor staffer claims the ex-wife of a slain Microsoft exec made a shocking request.
Continue reading …NO ‘CRYSTAL BALL’ - Los Angeles DA George Gascon brushes off concern from mother of slain officer.
Continue reading …HEAD OF THE PACK - DeSantis edges Trump in New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary.
Continue reading …‘PUTIN PRICE HIKE’ - Biden suggests Republicans who criticize him for high gas prices would have Putin roll over Ukraine.
Continue reading …MEDIA‘SQUAD’ MEETS ‘QUAD’ - Kayleigh McEnany outlines the ‘real problem’ for Democrats heading into midterms.
Continue reading …‘STUPIDITY THIS DANGEROUS’ - Sen. Robert Menendez presses Fed Chair Jerome Powell on diversity among bank presidents, gets slammed on Twitter.
Continue reading …NON-NEGOTIABLE - Sen. Blackburn won't back bipartisan gun safety bill: 'The Second Amendment is not negotiable.'
Continue reading …NOT-SO-BALANCED REPORTING - CNN, NBC, MSNBC journalists say Republicans can't be covered equally with Democrats.
Continue reading …IN OTHER NEWSMASS BUSINESS EXODUS – Caterpillar, Boeing, Raytheon revive high-tax state exodus with move to states with less taxes, business-friendly policies.
Continue reading …FOX WEATHERWhat’s it looking like in your neighborhood?

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