"Should we be eating bugs?"
teacher Kim Cutler asked in a video that aired Sunday on "Fox & Friends Weekend."
"Yeah, because we're killing the world by raising cows and animals," she continued.
Will Harris, a fourth-generation Georgia cattleman, pushed back against the notion.
UTAH SCHOOL GIVES KIDS ‘DISGUSTING’ INSECTS TO EAT IN CLASS FOR CLIMATE ASSIGNMENT ON COWS KILLING EARTH"It's an example of a fanatic attempting to force her interpretation of science onto someone under her control," he told co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy.
Harris said he agrees with environmental scientists' consensus that industrialized cattle production is wreaking havoc on the environment, but said the Utah teacher's blanket remarks about cattle "killing the planet" are overreaching.
"For her to extrapolate that, that all cattle production is harmful, is absolutely a fanatical embracement of junk science."
Students were allegedly not permitted to take a different stance in their essays, however.
"[My daughter] wasn't given an option to give an argument," concerned mom Amanda Wright said of the essay during a meeting with administrators.
"How come we can't state our opinion and write that we shouldn't be eating bugs?"
Still, Harris said the argument fails to consider other types of farming, including grassfed farming, that focus more on the land and animal than a more industrialized approach.
Harris maintained nutrition should be a personal choice, citing evidence that other cultures choose to eat insects.

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