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Three men in Georgia are being charged after allegedly defrauding an elderly woman of $118,000 from her life savings.
The Floyd County Sheriff's Office said the three men defrauded the woman out of $118,000 as she wrote them as many as 33 checks in relation to work that was sometimes incomplete, according to FOX 5.
Robert John Criswell, 39, Kyle Dewayne Dover, 28, and Hunter Chase Hammitt, 23, were charged with the exploitation of the elderly, according to the sheriff's office.
The 90-year-old woman hired the three men for "tree work" in addition to hanging shutters, but investigators said that the shutters were found barely attached to the house and there were several trees and shrubs left on the property.
VIDEO SHOWS GEORGIA POLICE QUICKLY WIPING OUT CAR TRYING TO FLEE TRAFFIC STOP"Trailers filled with pine straw, rogue tree surgeons and traveling paving companies will often exaggerate damage and embellish their skill level to give hope to victims who might only need small repairs," a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said.
"In return for little or no work being done, these scammers often drive away with small fortunes."
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAccording to the sheriff's office, the men followed the woman to the bank in order to receive the cash.

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